Assignment: Informative Presentation on Technology

This presentation assignment encourages students to practice their presentation skills while also learning about how technology can be used in a business setting.


For this assignment, you will be researching a business-related Internet tool. Each member of your TRIO group needs to research a different tool, so you will need to talk with your TRIO group members to coordinate topic selection. Consider using the TRIO Groups Forum to communicate.

The possible topics include:

  • Blogs
  • Email Marketing
  • Group Coupons
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest



You are involved in a networking organization for local business leaders. The organization has asked you to research a new business-related web tool and create a general, informative presentation about the tool. They’ve asked that you create this presentation as a webinar, so it can be featured on the networking organization’s website. The presentation will also be played at the annual meeting.

Your goal in this presentation is to:

  • Inform the local business leaders about a new tool.
  • Explain how the tool could directly affect businesses (positively and negatively).
  • Propose action, sharing what business leaders could do next (after listening to your presentation) if they are interested in the tool.

You are the youngest member of this networking organization, and you are interested in making contacts with many of the senior members. So, it’s imperative that you do an impressive job on this task. You want to create a professional but engaging presentation.


Project Guidelines

  • Length: 6-9 minutes, timed.
  • Audience: Remember, your audience is other business leaders in the area that are interested in your topic.
  • Visual Aids: Required. Use as many visual aids as needed to assist audience understanding of your topic. Don’t have slides full of text; use charts, graphs, tables, or other visuals to help the audience understand your content.
  • Research: If you use visuals from another source, provide a caption or footnote that indicates source. If you use information from another source, like an article or website, make sure you list that source in the slide footnote or at a slide at the end of the presentation. Make it easy for your viewers to go back and find the source for every piece of information that you share.
  • Online Delivery: You will be responsible for creating the visual (slides, video, or other) and auditory (narration) aspects. You will upload the full online presentation to Moodle.


Technical Requirements

You have a few options for this presentation. You may:

  • Create a narrated PowerPoint. Create PowerPoint slides as you normally would, but then use the narration tool to add audio. Then, upload the PowerPoint (with the audio files embedded, not just linked) to Moodle.
  • Create a narrated Prezi. Create a presentation with Prezi, and then add audio files to each path item. You can create those audio files with a free tool like Audacity. You are more than welcome to create a Prezi; however, please make sure that you create a presentation, not a roller-coaster ride. Use smart path creation to create an easy-to-follow presentation. Overdoing the movements and rotations will make your audience dizzy!
  • Create a video. You can convert your PowerPoint to a video (try one of these free tools: or create a video using a tool like CamStudio, Windows MovieMaker, or iMovie.

Presentation File Submission

Please follow these requirements carefully; failure to do so could negatively affect your assignment.

  • If you create a video and put it on YouTube or AuthorStream, or if you create a Prezi, then simply share the URL of the file by saving it in a text file and uploading the file.
  • PowerPoint files are large, but the upload size limit in the course is 2 GB (plenty of space). Remember that larger files take longer to upload to Moodle. Plan accordingly; late penalties apply as soon as the assignment due date has passed. If everyone is uploading at once, the upload speed will slow even more. So, plan ahead. The excuse “The file took too long to upload!” will not grant you a waiver of the late penalty.
  • Most Important: It is your responsibility to ensure that the file works. 
    If you create a narrated PowerPoint, make sure the files are embedded, otherwise I won’t hear the audio in your presentation. If you create a Prezi, ensure the file is saved correctly and publicly so that I can view it.  If you create a video, make sure to save it in the proper file format so that I can grade it. I will grade whatever is submitted on Moodle, so submit your best work.



This project will require a large amount of research, planning, and design. You want to concisely explain this tool, including only the information that the audience needs, but you also want to do a good job of thoroughly explaining the possible positive/negative effects on local businesses. Remember to review the course resources about presentations for tips on organization, design, and delivery.

Plan your time wisely. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me. However, remember to be professional. As always, you should email me with questions; but know that I will not be available to remedy problems immediately before the assignment is due. Make sure you plan enough time to complete the assignment and upload the file correctly.