Rubric: Evaluation of Oral Presentation (McCool)

Evaluation sheet for oral presentations; includes rating system for 10 points.

Evaluator______________ Presenter_______________

For each category below, assign the presenter a 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 (5 is the best). Total the points where indicated.

___ 1) Purpose: Clearly stated? Includes organizational problem, tasks already performed, and what the speaker plans to accomplish in this report (communication purpose)?

___ 2) Organization: Logical, easy to follow, and geared to audience?

___ 3) Content: Relevant and thorough?

___ 4) Persuasiveness: Does report achieve purpose by giving persuasive details?

___ 5) Conclusion: Does ending sound final? Either summarize or prompt action (depending on purpose)?

___ 6) Familiarity with material: Knows content well but doesn’t “read” or appear to have memorized.

___ 7) Eye Contact: frequent; takes in whole class

___ 8) Voice: slow, distinct, varied in pitch, not too soft

___ 9) Posture and Gestures: stands symmetrically; no distracting gestures

___ 10) Visual Aids: Outline required (transparency or handout); effectively used? matches presentation?

Total Points: ____