Assignment: Academics’ and Executives’ Perceptions of Usage Errors

According to studies by Gilsdor and Leonard and reported in The Journal of Business Communication, the following errors are the most distracting items in writing for executive readers:
1. Sentence Fragment
2. Run-on Sentence
3. Unpunctuated Parenthetical Expression
4. Dangling Modifier
5. Apostrophe in Plural Noun
6. Faulty Parallel Structure
7. Its/It’s Confusion
8. Comma Splice
9. I/me Confusion (use of nominative case pronoun in compound indirect object)

Take the following self-quizzes:
1. Sentence Fragment at
2. Run On Sentence at
3. Unpunctuated Parenthetical Expression at and
4. Dangling Modifier at
5. Apostrophe in Plural Noun at
6. Faulty Parallel Construction at
7. Its/ It’s Confusion at
8. Comma Splice at and
9. I/Me at

After taking these short quizzes, post a journal response about what you learned from doing this exercise. Your response should be brief. Focus your attention on the grammar issues.