Student Samples: ENG 331 Proposal

NOTE: There are strengths and weakness to this proposal. However, this was for a real project. Also, formatting and document design were lost when uploading to Moodle.



TO: Market Research Manager Bendix King
FROM: xFlight Systems
DATE: 11 June 2001
SUBJECT: KLN 94 streamlined operations guide and website

A recent study completed by xFlight Systems, performed to identify concerns faced by general aviation pilots, produced a number of serious issues. The most notable of these issues was confusion caused by the operation of Global Positioning System (GPS) receivers used in most general aviation airplanes. xFlight Systems would like to offer a streamlined operating guide and interactive website for the Bendix King KLN 94. It is our opinion that such a guide is needed as a quick reference to eliminate confusion faced by both low and high time pilots.
Major Areas of Confusion

xFlight Systems’ study focused on the interaction between general aviators’ and the Bendix King KLN 94, GPS receiver. Major areas of confusion among aviators fell into one of five categories.

1. Powering the receiver on and off
2. Adjusting the screen contrast
3. Performing date acknowledgement
4. Setting the destination
5. Showing the moving map

In order to address this confusion, a streamlined operating guide for the Bendix King KLN 94 GPS receiver is suggested. To compliment this valuable and mobile document, an interactive website is also suggested for the purpose of offering operating guidelines for the Internet-enabled classroom or home. This latter suggestion would allow for a reduction in publishing costs and allow easier manufacture-based updates.

1. Produce streamlined operating guide for the Bendix King KLN 94 GPS receiver.
2. Produce website offering interactive version of operating guide for the Bendix King KLN 94 GPS receiver.
Plan of Action

xFlight’s Plan of Action will expound the objectives previously set forth via nine distinct milestones. Please note the proposed deadline for each.

Produce Streamlined Operating Guide

Milestone 1: Submit Proposal
Deadline: June 8, 2001
Provide comprehensive proposal outlining purpose and objectives for production of streamlined operating guide
Milestone 2: Collect Technical Data
Deadline: June 8, 2001
Collect technical specifications for the Bendix King KLN 94 GPS receiver
Milestone 3: Evaluate Key Operations
Deadline: June 8, 2001
* Evaluate key operations encountered during user interaction with the KLN 94
* Prioritize key operations for better organization of guide
* Produce pictures that accurately illustrate each operation

Milestone 4: Photograph
Deadline: June 8, 2001
Produce pictures that accurately illustrate each operation
Milestone 5: Describe Operations
Deadline: June 15, 2001
Couple each operation/picture with objective, streamlined description
Milestone 6: Publish Operating Guide
Deadline: June 18, 2001
Publish operating guide
Produce Interactive Website

Milestone 7: Convert Content
Deadline: June 15, 2001
Convert pictures and descriptions for use in computer environment
Milestone 8: Design for Web Environment
Deadline: June 15, 2001
Evaluate programming logic necessary to allow for web-based user interactivity with converted content
Milestone 9: Launch Website
Deadline: June 18, 2001
Launch interactive website

Hours Cost ($)/Hour Total Cost ($)
Data Collection
Aircraft Rental 3 100 300
Pilot Fees 3 30 90
Photographer Fees 3 15 45
Document Design
Graphic Designer 40 70 2800
Content Manager 30 60 1800
Document Creation
Publisher 20 100 2000

Data Conversion
Programmer 20 60 1200
Website Design
Graphic Designer 5 70 350
Content Manager 5 60 300
Website Creation
Web Publisher 10 20 200

TOTALS: 139 $9085


Operation Guide Layout

The Guide will be a tri-fold pamphlet as seen below:
**Unable to copy the pamphlet here***

Front Cover – Introduction (leaf 1)

a. Title
b.Picture of Bendix King KLN 94 GPS receiver
c. Brief description of inside content
Full Page Landscape – Operation Descriptions (inside leaves 2,3,4)
a. Powering on and off
b.Adjusting screen contrast
c. Date acknowledgement
d. Setting Destination
e. Showing moving map

Leaf 5
a. list of covered operations

Back Cover – Credits and References (leaf 6)
a. xFlight logo
b.xFlight contact information
c. Bendix King references

As aviation technology advances in both its logic and appearance, the need for general aviators to update their skills is paramount. However, in trying to keep up with all facets of this constant change, confusion can arise. To quell this problem, xFlight Systems has proposed to introduce the streamlined operation guide and interactive website. These tools will offer invaluable guidance and quick reference in the operation of such high-tech devices. We are confident that these publications will not only benefit the bemused of today, but will also become valuable resources for teaching the beginner of tomorrow.