Letter of Application

The application letter introduces you to the potential interviewer and tells what position you are applying for.

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Because the resume is created first, but the letter is read first, the letter can call attention to the qualifications listed in the resume.  It not only claims that you are qualified but also produces evidence to support that claim.  It concludes with information about where and how you can be reached to make an interview appointment.

The application letter uses standard letter format.  See the course materials, Format Conventions for Letters, and The Business Writer’s Handbook (under “correspondence”) for letter conventions.

Letters of application must be brief!  Though there is no unbreakable rule, they should generally not be longer than three short paragraphs, and certainly fit on ONE page.

Note:This sheet is a brief description of the assignment components.  For more details, especially on the process of developing the letter, read the “description” under Part 2–Application Letter Description.