Analysis of Model Research Report

Project Goal:

To analyze a research report published in a major journal in your field.

Link to Study Guide


1.To begin the project, first locate a peer-reviewed journal article in your major field. Your work in Project 1 should help you choose a significant journal. Turn in a photocopy of the journal article with Project 2!

2. Carefully and thoughtfully read the article, then complete the study guide questions. These questions are intended to help you look beyond the surface into the meanings and implications behind the IMRaD elements of a scientific research report. You will be turning in the study guide with Project 2 as part of your class participation grade; there will be no qualitative assessment of the study guide (credit will be based only on whether or not you turn it in).

3. Write a 2-3 page (double-spaced typewritten) analysis of your journal article based on the ideas from the study guide.

4. Remember that your goal for Project 2 is to analyze, not just describe, the communication in the research paper.

5. Your 2-pocket folder for Project 2 will contain the following elements: your photocopied journal article, your study guide (stapled), and your 2-3 page summary (paper clipped).

Criteria for evaluation

  • Degree to which you analyze the meaning of the report elements.
  • Thoughtfulness and perception about the implications of the report elements.
  • Overall neatness, completeness, and evidence of effort.
  • Quality of the mechanics (grammar, punctuation, presentation, etc.)


The IMRaD format, a standard framework for scientific reports, includes Introduction, Methods, Results, and Discussion sections. Reports in some fields vary this format a bit, but you should be able to find sections of your report that correspond to each of these areas. Please be sure you don’t select a review article to analyze; we will go over this distinction in class, but be sure to ask me if you have any doubts about a particular article!