This sheet is a brief description of the assignment components.  For more details read the “description” under Applying for a Job,  Part 2–Resume Assignment.

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In the search for employment, many documents or texts are developed, the application letter and resume being only the first two of many possibilities.  Follow-up letters may be necessary if the job seeker has not heard from the company in a reasonable length of time.  After the interview, a prospective employee may also want to send a brief thank-you note to the interviewer.

Now that you have told me in your memo what job you are applying for, create a resume and letter of application for the position/company described in your memo.

Because your letter and resume get about 30-60 seconds of initial attention, they must both be clear, concise and as strongly worded as you can make them.

If you answer an advertisement in the newspaper or on a department bulletin board, be sure that your match with those requirements is mentioned in the letter and emphasized in the resume.  In other words: Slant your letter and resume toward the position you want.

Link to Criteria Sheet

Link to Peer Review Sheet for Resume and Letter of Application

Purpose.   The resume summarizes your qualifications for the position.

Content.   The resume begins with personal information: name, address, phone, e-mail, web page address.  It then describes your education, experience, skills and any other special qualifications.

Format.   Resumes are lists or elliptical descriptions; this means they are NOT traditional full sentence writing.  The lists/descriptions are arranged in columns.  See samples.

Length.   For most positions, one page is sufficient space for a resume.  However, if you have need for a second page, you may use one.

Note Well:  The resume and letter must be completely error free.