Resume and Cover Letter

This two-part assignment includes (1) The Resume/Cover Letter Workshop and (2) The Resume and Cover Letter assignment.

Resume and Cover Letter Workshop:

To complete your Resume/Cover Letter workshop, please do the following:

  1. Post your documents to this group-based forum space. Make sure to submit (1) your job description, (2) your resume, and (3) your cover letter (it may be best to compress all the files into one .zip file).
  2. Download your group members’ submissions and review their resume and cover letter. Use the Feedback Guidelines (below) to ensure that you’re addressing assignment requirements.
  3. Share your comments with your group members, either by adding comments to their documents and uploading those OR by writing out your comments in a reply to their original post.


The due date for this workshop is Tuesday, 9/17. You should at least have YOUR draft into this space by then. Take the next two days to look at your group members’ drafts, but make sure to share your feedback by Thursday, 9/19 at the latest. Otherwise, they may not be able to use your feedback to improve their own assignments.

Feedback Guidelines

Workshop comments MUST address whether the writer:

  1. Includes a job description.
  2. Addresses the keywords and requests from within THAT job description.
  3. Correctly formats the cover letter.
  4. Uses the STAR method effectively in the cover letter.
  5. Provides evidence within the cover letter that adds value to the resume (rather than simply repeating resume content).
  6. Includes contact information in resume.
  7. Organizes resume in easy-to-understand format and in reverse-chronological order.
  8. Provides useful descriptions in resume (again: keywords from job description).
  9. Use advice from resume lectures and materials, including tips like (1) removing high school information, (2) listing related experiences, not just job descriptions, and (3) including relevant skills information when applicable (ex. communication skills, computer skills, collaboration skills, etc.).
  10. Is free of grammar/punctuation/design/consistency errors.

You may copy these questions and answer them in a forum response to each group member, or you may address these questions within the group member’s document (leaving comments or Track Changes in the file).


This workshop grade is a part of your overall Resume/Cover Letter grade.

Your grade is based on the timeliness and completeness of your draft post and the professionalism and comprehensiveness of your feedback to others.

Resume and Cover Letter Assignment:

For this assignment, you will create a resume and cover letter. Both documents must be tailored to a SPECIFIC job posting. It is your responsibility to find a suitable job posting for this assignment.

Assignment tasks:

  1. Find a job posting that relates to your future career interests. (Make sure it’s a job that you would be qualified for after graduation.)
  2. Read the job posting carefully. Pay attention to keywords and skill requests that you can mention in your documents.
  3. Create a resume and cover letter. Tailor both documents to the specific job description you found. Make sure to use the resources described below and the lessons from the Unit 2 exercises.
  4. Read through the documents carefully. Grammar should be perfect.
  5. Participate in the R/CL Workshop.
  6. Edit your documents based on feedback from the R/CL Workshop.
  7. Submit your final drafts to this assignment space before the assignment deadline. Make sure to submit the job posting, resume, and cover letter files. Please submit .doc or .docx files; DO NOT submit PDF files. (While it’s normally best to try and submit your resume to employers as a PDF, you should submit the .doc or .docx file for this class, that way I can leave comments. If you are worried that the design will not translate well in a .doc or .docx file, you may submit BOTH so I can look at the .pdf design and then comment on the .doc/x.) Exception – if your resume was created in Photoshop, Illustrator, or other design program, you may submit that file as a PDF.

Assignment Resources:

The unit exercises will help prepare you for this assignment. You should also:

  • Use the Annotated Resume Descriptions as an introduction to resume formatting and writing.
  • Use the Cover Letter Template to create an application letter that displays your content well AND uses business letter format.
  • Use the Resume and Cover Letter Checklist to ensure that you’re including all of the required information.