Progress Report

Write an informal progress report on the organizational problem you addressed in your Report #1 proposal.


  • Length: 2-4 single-spaced pages, plus title page, foreword/summary page, and attachments.
  • Format: Short informal report
  • Peer review: Bring one copy of draft and peer review sheet on due date.
  • Final copy: Submit your report, peer review sheet, rough draft, and graded copy of Report #1 on due date.
  • Audience: Appropriate members of the organization within which you are writing.
  • Organization:
    Title Page
    Foreword (Purpose Statement) and Summary
    Introduction (expanded Purpose Statement)

Student Sample #1

Student Sample #2

Peer Review of Report #2

Evaluator:_______________ Author:___________________

Read the entire report, noting corrections that need to be made in grammar and style. Imagine that you are the audience to whom the report is addressed. Comment thoroughly on each area below. Don’t feel limited to the topics I give you.

Layout: Comment on overall appearance.

Length and Format: Discussion should be 2-4 pages (+ opening component and attachments). First page of discussion should not have memo headings, only title; and page numbering should begin here (ok at bottom center or top right).OK?

Audience: Audience (and the identity of report writer) should be indicated in some manner. Could be done on title page (Prepared by:________Prepared for:________). If not there, an attached note to me (not part of report) will be acceptable. Comment on whether or not report is reader-centered.

Title Page: Must have at least title, author and date. Can have added information. Does title give a good overview of report’s purpose? Suggest any changes you think would improve this page.

Foreword and Summary: should be one paragraph each, on same page, with several lines of white space separating them. Comment on the three sentences of the Foreword. What is the purpose of this report? (After reading entire body, note any discrepancies between purpose and body.) Does the Summary give the most important conclusions and/or recommendations? Is it succinct (long enough to cover key points in report but short enough so a busy executive will read it all)?


  • Introduction- Is this an expanded version of the Foreword? Note if there is anything in the Foreword that is substantially different from the Introduction. (Intro can have more than Foreword, but Foreword cannot have more than Intro.)
  • Body- Content will vary somewhat. Since this is a progress report, look for such items as Work completed and Work to be completed and info about whether or not project is on schedule and meeting cost expectations, etc. Comment on content of Body.
  • Conclusion: comment on content.

Attachments: Comment on effectiveness and appearance of attachments, if any.