Description: Write a proposal about any job-related topic you like, but a realistic organizational problem is essential. I suggest you use the problem and purpose statement (appropriately revised) from the purpose statement assignment. You will also give an oral presentation of your report in the form of a “briefing” to your organizational audience (your classmates).

Requirements for written component:

  • Length: 1-2 pages, single-spaced ( I will not accept longer reports.)
  • Format: Memo
  • Peer review: Bring three copies of rough and peer review sheets on due date.
  • Final copy: Bring final report along with roughs and peer review sheets.
  • Audience: Members of organization about which you’re writing
  • Organization: Organize report along these lines:
    1. Purpose
      • Statement of Organizational Problem
      • Statement of Investigation
      • Statement of Communication Purpose
    2. Discussion: Body of report: adapt the headings from the “Superstructure” for proposals given in class
    3. Conclusion

Useful information for written report: Be sure to include all information your audience would need to approve the proposal, including budget, schedule, etc. Pay close attention to the appearance of your report; use subheadings and short paragraphs.

Requirements for oral component:

  • Bring a videotape. I will tape your presentation and give you the tape to watch on your own. You will then email me and tell me what you did well and what you could improve on for the next oral presentation.
  • Length: 2-4 minutes, timed. Presentations less than 2 minutes will be penalized. At 4 minutes you will be asked to stop at once.
  • Audience: Prior to beginning your presentation, you will inform us what persona you are assuming for this task and who your audience is (probably the same as written report, possibly expanded)
  • Organization: Basically the same as written report only condensed.
  • Visual Aids: Outline required; overhead transparency preferred; handout acceptable; additional visual aids optional

Useful information for oral report:

  • Begin with purpose statement. Be sure to give a conclusion, even if you have to skip some of the material you planned to cover.
  • Pay close attention to good delivery techniques: posture, gestures, voice, enthusiasm, eye contact, etc.
  • DO NOT read or memorize report. I will expect you to bring notes to the podium, but you are not allowed to bring entire text.
  • Practice report numerous times before delivering in class, paying close attention to timing.
  • Make visual aids as professional as possible.

Peer Review of Report #1

Reviewer_______________ Author__________________

Read the entire report first, noting corrections that need to be made in grammar and style. Comment thoroughly on each area below.

Layout: Comment on overall appearance (ex: use of white space, bold, etc.)

Length and Format: Memo heading? No more than 2 pages?

Audience: a) Addressed to the appropriate organizational audience? b) Title of this person (persons) given? c) Is the report “audience-oriented”? d) Does the author point out persuasive reasons why the audience should accept this proposal?

Purpose statement: a) What is the organizational problem that this report addresses? (State this briefly in your own words rather than just repeating the statement of organizational problem part of the purpose statement.) b) Does the purpose statement contain a statement of investigation? c) Is the communication purpose clear?

Discussion: a) Are subheadings appropriate? b) Put yourself in the audience’s place. What else would you need to know before you would be willing to approve this proposal? c) Do all the parts of the report “match” the communication purpose? If not, what needs to be changed?

Conclusion: Does author sum up main points and request action?