Purpose Statement

Description: Identify a real (or realistic) organizational problem. Imagine that you have been assigned, or have taken upon yourself, the task of determining a solution. Write a purpose statement in which you:

  • identify the organizational problem
  • state the investigative task, and
  • state your communication purpose.

You will not state that you have determined the solution; that will come later. In this purpose statement you will state that you have identified and are recommending a course of action for investigating the problem.

This purpose statement should serve as a draft of the first paragraph of Report #1.

Note: Be sure your problem is not vague or unmanageable. (Eliminating the Federal budget deficit is beyond the scope of this assignment!) Draw on your work experience. Consider a process you found inefficient, a practice you found unethical, a tool you found unusable. In short, try to recall something that you could have improved at work–something that, had you improved it, would have made work smoother and more efficient, or would have saved your employer money, etc. If you draw a blank, make up a problem, but remember it must be realistic if not real.