Applying for a Job

Before you begin the first assignment, it would be helpful to read the teaching-learning objectives for this module.  These goals let you know where you are headed before you begin.

The resume and letter of application is the first graded assignment and it consists of two steps:

1.) Researching the position and organization

  • Finding a job or position that you are interested in
  • Finding out what the job entails: skills required, education required, responsibilities and duties
  • Finding out about the organization: company or non-profit, publicly or privately held, primary product or service, size, locations, promotion policies, etc.
  • Writing a memo, addressed to the instructor, which gives enough information about your choice of position, that the instructorcan judge the effectiveness of your resume and letter.

2.) Creating the resume and application letter to fit the position

  • Developing persuasive content that describes your qualifications
  • Creating a format that emphasizes your qualifications and the organization’s needs
  • Introducing yourself as a qualified professional in a concise, pointed application letter

Remember, the process is to

read through the assignment description,
note the evaluation criteria,
look at the sample,
then begin to design your own document by filling in the Data Collection Sheet.Begin with
Researching the Position and
Researching the Organization