Resume and Cover Letter Assignment

Job Search

Find an ad for a job you qualify for and would actually like to have. Your argument will be more convincing if you believe it. Look in newspaper classifieds, on-line job search services or any other available source. Here are some places to start:
CareerPath (has a section on company profiles)
America’s Job Bank
Heart Recruitment
U.S. Office of Personnel Management
(very detailed job descriptions)
Job Hunter’s Bible (lots of job search advice and links)

Research Memo

Research the company and the position. Use the company’s web site if it has one, job fair materials, the US Office of Personnel Management web site (see above) or anything else you can find. If you know someone who works at the company, ask them about the company culture and history. This is how you find out about your audience, your reader. You need to know who you are writing to/for.

Write me a brief (no more than 1 page) memo detailing the results of your research. Where did you find your information? What did you learn about the company you are applying to?


Write and design a resume tailored to this position. Use Anderson, pp. 30-36, class notes and the evaluation guide as guidelines.

Cover Letter

Write a cover letter highlighting information in your resume that is particularly relevant to this position and this company. Use your class notes and the evaluation guide as guidelines.

What you will turn in What it’s worth
Copy of job advertisement 2 pts.
Resume 15 pts.
Cover letter 10 pts.
Research memo 2 pts.
Peer review draft (stapled) 1 pt.


30 pts.