Writing to an Audience, Explaining Your Purpose

This module is comprised of two units, Audience and Purpose. Each unit focuses on one of  the two most important elements in effective professional communication: writing to a specific audience and explaining your purpose.

When you complete the exercises in this unit you will know how to perform an audience analysis, determine the needs of your various audiences, and orient your reader to your purpose with a purpose statement.

When planning what you will write (important and/or long documents take a lot of planning!) you’ll probably think about audience and purpose all at once. In reality, audience and purpose are so intertwined as to be almost inseparable. To demonstrate the principles of effective analysis, however, we forcibly separate them, explaining each one individually.  At the conclusion of the Purpose Unit we provide a case study and assignments to reinforce all the strategies presented in the module.

You should begin with the Audience Unit.

Review the audience materials and complete the exercises before you proceed to the Purpose Unit.

Audience Unit


Purpose Unit


Audience Exercises Purpose Exercises