Concise Writing

First, review Purdue University Online Writing Lab’s tutorial on writing concisely (
Now that you’ve reviewed tips for keeping your writing concise, you will complete a useful activity that will potentially help you network professionally as well as test your ability to write powerful, brief prose.
1. Please write a LinkedIn “summary,” which is a key component of a LinkedIn profile.
2. Now re-write your LinkedIn summary as well as you can in only 50 words (or less).

Further Guidance:
This class participation activity asks you to practice concise writing by creating a LinkedIn SUMMARY (included on each LinkedIn profile).
In case you’re unfamiliar with LinkedIn, this web resource, “What Is LinkedIn?,” explains it. This web page explains LinkedIn summaries: “What is a LinkedIn Summary?“
To complete this activity:
•    Read these articles:

”Writing an Effective LinkedIn Summary” / Grads in Transit / Kelly Giles — especially good, as it includes samples from two students 

”What to Include in Your LinkedIn Summary” / Alison Doyle /

”3 Stunningly Good LinkedIn Summaries” / Andy Foote

”5 Essential Tips for a KILLER LinkedIn Summary” / Brenda Bernstein / CareerCast — be sure to pay attention to her thoughts about sections and headings

”10 Overused Words You Should Never Put On Your Resume” (new window) / Alison Griswold / Business Insider

”How to Create a LinkedIn Profile That Really Connects” by Jeff Haden at CBS News
•    Using the concise writing tips above, draft a summary of your skills, experiences, and/or interests. NOTE:  The maximum character limit is 2,000 (CHARACTERS, not words).  But strive for keeping your summary brief (even the “longer” version should not be long).  Though LinkedIn allows 2,000 characters make yours as SUCCINCT as possible.
•    To check your character count, use this tool: Character and Word Count Tool.
•    Remember: your audience is LinkedIn users, employers who may be trying to evaluate your skills.
•    Describe yourself in a way that helps them PICTURE what you can do.
•    Don’t create a grocery-list  summary of skills; create something interesting that summarizes what YOU can do for your AUDIENCE (a LinkedIn reader and prospective employer).
•    Create something that’s easy to read. DON’T just have a big paragraph of text.
•    Describe your skills/experiences in an engaging  way. Don’t just list where you’ve worked; tell me what you can DO, what makes you a great possible employee.
•    NOTE: You are NOT drafting the whole profile, just the summary. ALSO, you don’t need to post this on LInkedIn. It’s simply an opportunity for you to start creating (or revising) your LinkedIn profile to make it concise and audience centered.

Feel free to check out these examples for more information:
•    LinkedIn’s student sample
•    Ms. Emerson’s LinkedIn profile
•    Social Media Expert:
•    LinkedIn Employee:
•    Resume Writing Consultant example