Team Member Evaluation Form*


Team Member Evaluation Form*


Rate each of you 1-5 on the below items

Fill in the name of your team, including yourself

Teammate 1

Teammate 2

Teammate 3


Attended meetings?

Prepared for meetings?

Contributed to meetings?

Treated team with respect?

Completed individual work?

Estimate the percentage of work performed by each student (must add to 100%)

Briefly list which parts of the proposal each team member worked on


Insert one of the ratings below for each team member:

RATINGS*: Excellent Very good Satisfactory Ordinary Marginal Deficient Unsatisfactory Superficial

No show
*Explain ratings lower than “Very Good” on a separate sheet of paper or in an email to Ms. Daemon.

**On the back of this sheet or on a separate sheet of paper, please briefly (~2 paragraphs) reflect upon your performance in this assignment. Please discuss your interactions with the team, your individual work on assigned duties, and the quality of your writing.

*Based on a form in Cooperative Learning and College Teaching, reprinted in B.J. Millis and P.G. Cottell, Jr., Cooperative Learning for Higher Education Faculty, Oryx Press, Phoenix, 1998.

Consistently exceeded expectations (tutored teammates, did extra work, etc.) Consistently did what was expected, very well prepared and cooperative Usually did what was expected, acceptably prepared and cooperative
Often did what was expected, minimally prepared and cooperative Sometimes failed to show up or complete assignments, rarely prepared Often failed to show up or complete assignments, rarely prepared Consistently failed to show up or complete assignments, unprepared Practically no participation

No participation at all