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Using Autotext

Tips for Teaching–Autotext

Organizing Arguments

Tips–Organizing Arguments

Lesson Materials

The content in this section is intended for use in the classroom and includes in-class assignments as well as lesson suggestions. You can browse by...

Concise Writing

First, review Purdue University Online Writing Lab’s tutorial on writing concisely ( Now that you’ve reviewed tips for keeping your writing concise, you will complete...

Impromptu Writing

The Communication Situation: You will be playing the role of a Utilities Engineer who works for the North Carolina Utilities Commission. The situation that you...

Communicating with a Public Audience

What is a public audience? A public audience is a group of listeners with a wide range of educational, cultural, and social backgrounds. Public audiences...

Scientific Posters & Platforms

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Poster Presentations

A poster is a hybrid form of scientific communication. A poster has the advantages of both personal and written communication. The researcher can interact personally...