Inquiry Guided TA Training (IGTT) Program: Discover, Reflect, Prepare

Our Inquiry Guided TA Training Program includes 8 modues. These modules focus on the following eight questions, which we will tackle together:

  1. Module 1: What administrative information do I need to know?
  2. Module 2: What is my teaching philosophy?
  3. Module 3: How will I handle different situations in the classroom?
  4. Module 4: How can I create comprehensive materials that will help my students achieve their learning goals?
  5. Module 5: How do I evaluate students’ submissions and assign appropriate grades?
  6. Module 6: What can I learn from observation and practice?
  7. Module 7: What am I doing well and what can I do better?
  8. Module 8: How can I be a successful teacher and a successful student?

We will work through the eight questions at the pace that we establish together. Throughout the next few semesters, you will create your Teaching Portfolio including your statement of teaching philosophy, syllabus, assignment sheets, rubrics, course materials, website, and an updated CV. Click here for an overview of the Schedule.

  • August:           Establish contact, schedule meetings
  • September:    Administrative—CoAT sign up, workshops, textbooks, readings
  • October:         Observations of experienced teachers
  • November:     Observation of experienced teachers
  • December:     Observation of experienced teachers
  • January:         Initial Meeting, Policies and Resources, Observations continue
  • February:       Syllabus, Assignments, & Rubrics Completed, Observations continue
  • March:           Grading
  • April:              Practice teaching
  • May:              Course materials loaded into Moodle page

This website is your main resource throughout your training and teaching experience.