Module 3: Classroom Management

Module 3 Objectives

To complete this module, please read the Overview, review the Readings, complete the Assignment, and review the Evaluation questions.

During this module, you will:

  • Practice with technology available in the classroom
  • Learn how to handle different situations in the classroom.

Module 3 Overview

Discussing classroom management will take significant time. Establishing your classroom presence and overall tone with your students on day one is important to the success of your semester. In the English Department, we have a variety of classroom technologies that facilitate many ways to deliver your content. Hands on experience will help you become comfortable with these technologies and using them to their full potential. Dealing effectively with different situations (both positive and negative) will continue to be challenging throughout your teaching experiences.

Module 3 Readings

Module 3 Assignments

Getting to know your classroom

Hands-on practice with projectors, computer carts, laptops, smart classrooms, environmental controls, and safety.

Journal Assignment

Post a response to the following questions in your journal:

  1. What do you know about your audience? ENG 331/332/333 ~ What information do you need/want to know about your students?
  2. What challenges do you expect in your classroom ~ How will you deal with problems like plagiarism? missing students? disruptive behavior? etc.

Module 3 Evaluation

What other concerns do you have?

Are you comfortable with the following items?

  • Smart classrooms, Projectors
  • Safety on Campus
  • Problems in the classroom
  • Classroom management
  • Academic Integrity
  • First day—setting the tone