Module 5: Grading

Module 5 Objectives

To complete this module, please read the Overview, review the Readings, complete the Assignments, and review the Evaluation questions.

During this module, you will:

  • Collect, review, and adapt rubrics for all assignments
  • Begin creating your own rubrics
  • Practice grading

Module 5 Overview

Grading will take up most of your time during the semester. Managing your own workload and returning graded papers in a reasonable amount of time (7-10 days) will be a balancing act. We will discuss different approaches to grading and discover some techniques that make grading efficient.

Grades are usually a serious concern for your students. You will have a wide range of students in your class and their attitudes about grades will be just as varied. Providing clear instructions, establishing expectations, and using rubrics can put students at ease when approaching assignments.

Module 5 Readings

Module 5 Assignments

Rubrics/Assignment sheets

Focus on adapting collected rubrics for your own use. This can include changes in content, organization, and design. Participate in peer review of your materials. The goal is to have ALL rubrics and assignment sheets in weekly folders completed, peer reviewed, and approved before the end of the spring semester.

Practice Grading

Grade a small sample of papers and discuss. Grade an entire section of papers within 7-10 days.

Module 5 Evaluation

What other concerns do you have?
Are you comfortable with the following items?

  • rubrics
  • assignment sheets
  • grading techniques