Module 6: Observation

Module 6 Objectives

To complete this module, please read the Overview, complete the Assignments, and review the Evaluation questions.

During this module, you will:

  • observe experienced teachers in ENG 331, ENG 332, ENG 333
  • partner with one experienced teacher

Module 6 Overview

Observing experienced teachers will help you prepare to teach. Take notes, collect examples, adapt materials, and be open to new experiences. You will observe many different teachers and see many different styles of teaching and classroom management.

Module 6 Assignments

(Ongoing) Journal Assignment

Post a response to the following questions in your journal each week of observation:

  • What would you like to use in your own classroom?
  • What will you not use in your own classroom?
  • What can you learn from observation and practice?

Module 6 Evaluation

What other concerns do you have?