Course Syllabus Policies

Syllabi for professional writing courses should incorporate the following information and adhere to the following guidelines:

  • The goals and objectives should include those listed as official student learning outcomes; the instructor may add supplemental objectives. Syllabi for online classes could link to this page or incorporate the list into the class website. Syllabi for classroom sections should use the wording found in the student version.
  • Major writing projects and due dates should be listed.
  • The schedule should indicate major topics of instruction under which readings and other assignments are organized.
  • The instructor should indicate that major assignments are to be word-processed on a computer.
  • The instructor should indicate that several drafts of some assignments may be required and that multiple copies of some of this work may be needed for peer review by other students.
  • The instructor should indicate that some collaborative writing will be required.
  • The instructor should indicate whether or not a penalty will be assessed for late work. A penalty can include no credit or partial credit for work submitted late without justification.
  • The instructor should recommend that students keep complete files of their work until final grades are posted.
  • The Academic Regulations–Course Syllabus section of the University’s Policies, Rules, and Regulation site lists additional information that must be included. See this page for details: